Buy real sex doll robots in USA, Canada, Europe…

by Martin

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Smart Doll World offers real sex doll robots at affordable prices in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia sex dolls for sale . Our sex dolls provide a more authentic and enjoyable experience. Call us today – +1 218-389-8604

The battery capacity is 2500mAh, the standby time is 20 days, and the continuous use time is 5 hours. The battery needs to be charged for 3-4 hours before first use. mini sex doll The Elena head fits the Type 9 body very well. The face is textured, especially on the cheeks, which gives a very realistic look. The makeup is well done and very understated, giving a natural look like the girl next door look. The eyebrows are drawn on, their look is dynamic, they are multi-toned and give the face a truly unique definition. The lashes spread well on the eyes and have lashes all the way to the corners of the eyes. Eyeballs can be moved and positioned. The teeth are so well placed that actually in the mouth you can’t see where they stick. The color is a natural very pale cream rather than bright white, which we found to be very good, especially for photography with lighting, and they don’t look unnaturally white.

The curvaceous design of the Buddha Recliner is a sexy and self-contained piece of sexual furniture. You can easily incorporate this lounge chair into your living room, study or bedroom, and your guests won’t be any smarter. cheap sex doll To wash a wig, you need a lot of water so it’s thorough enough. You will also need some shampoo, a towel and a towel. The first step is to fill the basin with water or place it to a level where the wig will be fully submerged; keep the water lukewarm, preferably. In the water, add a little sex-doll-friendly shampoo and swirl it to lightly lather. Next, gently dip the wig into the basin, being careful not to move it roughly.

Gladys : 170cm Japanese college student Gladys sex doll

Another attempt to influence owners of love silicone sex dolls is to make the experience more realistic. Vendors have integrated AI at every stage, and we have replaced “fake” with intelligence instead.

Gangcun showed me a picture of his wife and said: “When we first got married, she was very thin, with big and round eyes; this is when she was pregnant, she was a little fat, and she smiled with a double chin, which was very cute; this is him My daughter is 30 years old, and there are a few wrinkles at the corners of her eyes…” He stopped, panting on his back, I guess he was crying. Later, Gangcun often wrote me emails to tell me about the doll. He bathes the doll, puts on new clothes, and pushes the doll into the park to bask in the sun. His neighbors and friends knew that her doll was his wife.

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